Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sweden took me!

Just a short note to say that Friday night's reading/Happy Hour at the Swedish Cultural Center was fantastic. The Swedish sausage, drinks and crowd was great (about 90 people, a number of which signed up for membership in the Swedish Club too). My grandfather might have been spinning in his grave, perhaps with enough energy to bore the new downtown tunnel. To help keep him going, I plan to send in my membership application too (generously, non-Swedes are allowed in, even those of Norwegian ancestry). It's only $45 bucks and gives access to one of the best bars in town, so I see no downside. 

Anyway, my thanks to the Swedes for hosting the event and to all the people who showed up. This week, on Wed., Feb. 25th I'll be at Town Hall with Tim Egan and I'll have a little more on that later. It's not a reading, but a broader discussion about local issues that should be interesting. At least, I know Tim will be. I always look forward to what he has to say.

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